Episode 8 - Not at RSA


– Your co-hosts are Andy Willingham and Martin Fisher.
– News analysis and general yankee-ness brought to you by Steve Ragan.
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Announcements, Gossip, and Smack Talk

– Welcome to Episode 8 of the SFS Podcast.
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– The podcast is intended to fill the gap between the technical podcasts on security and Security Now. We’ll be focusing on operations, leadership, and news items that you may have missed the week before.
– We want the podcast to be friendly, funny, and make it so you can listen to it with your kids in the car. Nothing against Pauldotcom and Exotic Liability (we listen to them too!) but we wanted to do something a little bit different…

News and Other Items of Distraction

– Verizon Incident Sharing Metric Framework


– PCI – Throwing money away?
Ponemon pulls numbers out of …….


No one is compliant even with spending a fortune.


– Your Web App IS broken
This should get managements attention



– Life before Google


Leadership Moment

– Martin and Andy discuss the role of the CISO and just how technical they need to be or not be.

Upcoming Features & Events
– Atlanta NAISG March Meeting sponsored by Accuvant and featuring Michael Farnum.
– Great interviews lined up over the next few weeks b/c lots of cool people are coming to the ATL

Closing Music – Caitlin Rose “Shotgun Wedding”

Playing Your Part

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