Episode 9 - Crossing the Streams with Michael Farnum


– Your co-hosts are Andy Willingham and Martin Fisher.
– News analysis and general yankee-ness brought to you by Steve Ragan.
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Announcements, Gossip, and Smack Talk

– Welcome to Episode 9 of the SFS Podcast. Tonight we are recording in front of a live audience at the Gordon Biersch Brewery in Buckhead. The recording took place right after the
Atlanta NAISG meeting featuring Michael Farnum with Accuvant. Michael joins us tonight as we talk about security and who knows what else.
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– The podcast is intended to fill the gap between the technical podcasts on security and Security Now. We’ll be focusing on operations, leadership, and news items that you may have
missed the week before.
– We want the podcast to be friendly, funny, and make it so you can listen to it with your kids in the car. Nothing against Pauldotcom and Exotic Liability (we listen to them too!) but we
wanted to do something a little bit different…

News and Other Items of Distraction

-Irresponsible Behavior? – Fiserv tells it’s customers to stay on outdated, insecure version of Adobe Reader because of compatibility issues.


-Careers in Security – 3 articles looking at different aspects of your career management plan.




-Do metrics really matter? – We’re told to collect them but do we know what to collect and what to do with them?



– Live Interview with Michael Farnum

Upcoming Features & Events
– SecureWorld Expo April 27 -28, 2010 Andy and Martin will both be presenting.
– Great interviews lined up over the next few weeks b/c lots of cool people are coming to the ATL