Episode 3 - Third Time's the Charm!

I. Introductions

– Your co-hosts are Andy Willingham and Martin Fisher.
– News analysis and general yankee-ness brought to you by Steve Ragan.
– You can find out more about this motley crew on The Staff page.

II. Announcement, Gossip, and Smack Talk

– Welcome to Episode 3 “Third Time’s the Charm” of the SFS Podcast. We hope that we get all the post production kinks worked out – and if they aren’t we’re docking Martin’s pay. We hope you have enjoyed the first few episodes and will continue to join us each week as we talk about Information Security from a uniquely southern perspective (with a little Yankee thrown in for balance).
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– More fun interviews with real southern heroes is coming so stay tuned!
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III. News and Other Items of Distraction

A). The latest on the Google (and many others) attack.

  1. Insider threat? – http://www.thetechherald.com/article.php/201003/5098/Google-investigating-insider-threat-possibility

  2. Bye Bye IE6? – http://www.thetechherald.com/article.php/201003/5096/Google-s-attack-causes-knee-jerk-reaction-from-Germany


B). Natural Disasters and Scams

  1. Yele Haiti Foundation catches heat.- http://www.youtube.com/user/wyclef?blend=1&ob=4



  1. SEO by the bad guys – http://www.thetechherald.com/article.php/201002/5083/BlackHat-SEO-targeting-Haiti-related-searches

IV. Redneck Security Story

Our first Redneck Security Story actually comes from a Yankee. At least he currently lives north of the Mason-Dixon line. Thanks to Alex Hutton for this story of
Redneck security that just goes to prove “It’s not where you live that determines the color of your neck”.

V. What’s Next?

  1. Atlanta Shmoopedition 2010
  2. More Interviews with some of the brightest InfoSec professionals coming up.
  3. Atlanta NAISG Feb 10, 2010 Sponsored by Barracuda
  4. Send your written or recorded “Redneck Security Stories” (which Martin refers to as “Our Special RSS Feed”…)

V. Playing Your Part

– Did you like the podcast? Great! We like 20’s and 50’s with non-sequential serial numbers…
– Did you not like the podcast? Tell us how we can do better by adding comments to the discussion boards. We’ll read each one – we promise!