Episode 2 - Now With Improved Audio Quality!

I. Introductions

– Your co-hosts are Andy Willingham and Martin Fisher.
– News analysis and general yankee-ness brought to you by Steve Ragan.
– You can find out more about this motley crew on The Staff page.

II. Announcement, Gossip, and Smack Talk

– Welcome to Episode 2 redux of the SFS Podcast. We re-released this episode due to audio quality issues.
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– More fun interviews with real southern heroes is coming so stay tuned!
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III. News and Other Items of Distraction
A.) Google reconsiders operations in China.


Google is not happy with some things that have happened in China and may be packing their bags and leaving the country.

B.) IT Job Satisfaction continues to drop.



The economy is starting to pick up and some unhappy IT professionals are brushing off their resumes. Companies need to start (or step up) their monitoring of the IT staff just in case.

IV. Interview with shrdlu

– We are excited to have the first interview with shrdlu on any podcast…

– Note that the Skype connection had a couple of problems but the interview content is amazing and we think you’ll enjoy it.

V. Playing Your Part

– Did you like the podcast? Great! We like 20’s and 50’s with non-sequential serial numbers…
– Did you not like the podcast? Tell us how we can do better by adding comments below. We’ll read each one – we promise!