What's Going On Here?!

A lot of our listeners and friends have been wondering “what the heck is going on over there at the Southern Fried Security Podcast?”

Did Martin fire Joseph?  Why was Joseph kicked off the island?  And what the heck is Quine doing on the show?


Everything is fine.

What you witnessed was the first, and probably last, April Fools gag the podcast has done.

It’s no secret that the guys at Southern Fried are fans of Martin, Rich, and Zach at the Network Security Podcast.  And we’d been commenting on how we there were more and more similarities (babies, first names, etc.).  So – what would be better than “swapping out” Zach and Joseph?

So – after some brief coordination with the guys at NetSecPodcast we kicked it off.  The Colonel posted that Joseph was not going to be with the podcast.  Then Joseph indicated he’d been fired via Twitter.

And then the Hounds Of Hades broke loose.

Many folks DM’d us  to see what was going on and to ask of they could help.  Some folks immediately took “sides”.  Some folks immediately saw through the drama and we DM’d them to hold off on talking about that.

But – we’re back to normal (or whatever passes for normal around here)…

If your feelings were hurt by this – we’re sorry. (Especially @shrdlu and @jackiea…please don’t kill us…please)

If you think this was just a dumb stunt – we’re inclined to agree with you.

If you just want us to get back to doing podcasts – you’re in luck.